Friday, March 3, 2023

. @airospvce's New Single "Stairway to Heaven" is Another Triumphant Comeback by the Artist

March 1st, Airospace released “Stairway to Heaven,” prod. By Kmado, which he made using his SPS404-SX, to all streaming platforms. This is the first track he is releasing this year, culminating to a final album release at the end of the year, along with a few other projects. Check out his Bandcamp & YouTube to see the next track, produced by Caleb Fesco, & set reminders for that release on April 1st. 

“Thank you for bearing witness to one of my darkest and heaviest projects. It dances in the vein of Andre 3000's "Hey Ya" with the juxtaposition between fun catchy beats and lyrics feeling lighter with much heavier meanings. The overarching element of the album is about my first contact with heavier drugs. The poetic "Stairway" is the journey or trip and Heaven is the void or hole thereafter. Perception is so deeply personal, it makes sense why people question the reality we experience.” - Airospace 

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In case you haven’t heard of Airospace before, or confused him with JPEGMAFIA, meet the galactic rapper-producer independent powerhouse. The troubled kid bouncing between Southeast D.C. and Maryland, found peace playing drums at church, screaming on the mic and jump roping on instrumentals. Since his days of Samurai OutlawLouder than Quiet & Volume I-IV, he's amassed over 4 million Spotify streams and a promotional deal with Sprite. Most recently he toured in London Nov 2022, and will be releasing music with some noteworthy artists in the UK. 

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