Monday, February 13, 2023

HoodTrophy Bino Drops off the Visuasl to "drip check \ what I got on"

Los Angeles based, Stacks On Deck Money Gang rapper HoodTrophy Bino has just released the new video for "drip check \ what I got on" that exudes the extravagant, lush energy that is a part of Bino’s post-fame reality. Bino raps, “She said, what you got on? Oh s*** nothin’ special.” Brooding notes of piano layered beneath an industrial beat and dramatic strings create a sonic vibe as rich and decadent as the lyrics themself. The music video for "drip check \ what I got on" features a house party club scene with dancers where HoodTrophy Bino throws stacks of money over a crystal table. 

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