Monday, July 18, 2022

LA Based Hip Hop Artist @MultiDimensionz Shares New project 'Multi Dimensionz' with Singles "Johnny Cage" and "Love Life"

The Los Angeles based hip hop artist The MDz new project the Multi Dimensionz. The album is a 10-track journey where he raps on his history, mental health, and overcoming life's obstacles. The project shines with his signature versatile style, effortless flow and an eclectic, boundary defying style of production. The focus tracks from this project are "Johnny Cage'' and "Love Life". "Johnny Cage" features iconic Jamaican artist Rudolph Francis, bringing two generations together with rapid lyrical content, reggae vocals, trap bass & futuristic cinematic sounds.  "Love Life" radiates with R&B ambience, where The MDz joined forces with in-house beat producer NEW NGHBOR for a bittersweet poetic song that puts the pieces of a broken relationship back together.

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