Wednesday, March 16, 2022

. @JaiMusiq's New Project "H.I.M" is a Self Titled Introduction into the Artist

Taking a look at Jai Musiq’s discography, you’d find a catalog of projects that detail his everyday life and motivations for manifesting a future rise to fame. His past works (24U, 2More4u, and all4y’all) have laid the groundwork for the metamorphosis that is H.I.M.. Everything prior to this body of work was more or less a snapshot in time of the journey at hand, while H.I.M. is the entire picture. Throughout the album Jai Musiq depicts what this journey of self-discovery has looked like for him, letting everyone know that despite the ups and downs it comes with, you have to accept yourself for who you are and be grateful for the opportunities to learn life lessons along the way.

Due to his versatile nature, it is no surprise that this *project* would land itself in the alternative rap category. “My Mind, I Must Escape!” is a perfect demonstration of his dynamic sound, the harmonies bring out his R&B influences while the guitar solo and added guitar riffs throughout bring an exciting and edgy feel to the song. All of the songs individually contribute to bringing an element that represents different stages in Jai’s journey. When listening to “Be.” you can immediately feel the funky and soulful influences, this song is a clear representation of the running theme of self-acceptance. In contrast to that of “Chosen” which with its acoustic guitar and airy harmonies sound like a serenade of sorts, telling you to relax because despite what you’re going through it will be okay.

Jai Musiq makes the type of music that if somehow you can’t relate to the content, you’ll still be able to find an important message or idea to take away and carry with you in your own life. As summarized by the self-titled introduction “H.I.M”, the album is about one’s journey to finding themself and their place in the world… Jai Musiq invites you to find out why he’s H.I.M.

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