Monday, February 28, 2022

. @HeekFargo Shows us How Enemies are Closer than we Think in New Video to “Snake to Me"

HeekFargo shows us how enemies are closer than we think in his new video “Snake To Me." The West Philadelphia native gives us a short film of relatable bars and a storyline anyone can relate to when it comes to snakes in yourX circle. The visual finds the rapper hanging around a friend, while he secretly plots to set up HeekFargo. As he rhymes over an up-tempo beat and speaker banging bass, it's guaranteed to make you turn it up. The single comes from HeekFargo’s album 6:42, an ode to the trials and tribulations he faced coming up in the streets of Philadelphia. HeekFargo assures us that even when you show love, there’s always a snake scheming of a way to take you down.

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