Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Watch: @JazzythaRapper Sends a Message with New Single and Visuals for "War"

A proclamation damning the harassment of and violence against women, "War" serves as a word of caution and public service announcement to anyone who might think to harass or harm a woman.

What started off as an unwarranted and salacious voice message received via direct message from a unknown male fan, has now turned into the sound bite that would spark the creative campaign for "War". This song serves as every women's anthem who has been cat called, stopped randomly, and told smile unprovoked. The New York influenced sound and delivery emphasizes the message that women don't want to be bothered and don't exist for the male gaze or pleasure.

This song and campaign also serves as a way to highlight the increased number of violent crimes that have been committed against women and commemorate the lives taken so soon including Mariam Abdulrab, Maya Marcano, Gabby Petito.

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