Thursday, October 7, 2021

. @cvshdvllvs Releases "444"

$DVLLV$ (pronounced "Cash Dallas'') returns with his seventh single of the year, "444." $DVLLV$ is so money on "444." The track showcases $DVLLV$'s wide range of musical talent as he wrote, produced and engineered "444." $DVLLV$ gets vulnerable with listeners and speaks his truth on "444." "I wanted to paint a picture of what I see and hope for when I wake up on an average day." $DVLLV$ continues, "I wanted to craft the song to give it a conversation-like feel; as if you were drunk at a party, talking with your teammate or friend, and realize later on that there was more said than you had drunkenly thought." $DVLLV$ puts together a remarkable body of work. $DVLLV$ balances the deep lyrics and theme with a vibey beat and catchy hook. $DVLLV$ already has a visual in the works for "444" that is sure to be jaw-dropping. Be prepared to fall for $DVLLV$'s fall single, "444."

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