Friday, July 2, 2021

Watch: Dubbo Shares his Latest Single and Video for "Beat Up The Belly 2”

Dubbo has a penchant for captivating listeners with his charismatic, confident delivery and hard-hitting flows. With his natural swagger and innate lyrical ability, he’s an artist who will make an imprint on any song. As the next prominent rapper coming out of Texas, Dubbo has already amassed an impressive catalog, consisting of several singles and an extended project. Following the success of his last single, “Valero,” Dubbo drops his latest single and video today, “Beat Up The Belly 2”. Despite the intensity of the track, Dubbo makes his work look effortless. On top of a haunting piano melody and booming 808s produced by fellow labelmate The Bird House, Dubbo wastes no time introducing himself; as soon as the beat drops, he’s in go-mode, moving methodically between sections while sustaining the level of energy that’s expected of him.

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