Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Cali G. Season Shares New Album with 'No Longer Available'


New York-based, UnitedMasters artist Cali G. Season releases his third album No Longer Available. The 22-track masterpiece dropped July 7th and touches on Cali’s real life experiences, hardships, and triumphs. Cali reveals more about himself with each track and paints a portrait of a day in the life of Cali G. Season. Accustomed to pushing the boundary, Cali does not limit himself to one single genre on this project. What separates Cali from other artists is his versatility and ability to seamlessly transition between conscious lyrical rap to trap to r&b and even has pop influences throughout his project. Cali enlisted many of his friends to produce on the project including Mattics, Xero37, Erol Sabadosh, Dude Clayy, Jacq V, Mckean, Koi, Perfective Lobotomy, 808 cartel, Rain, Tuna and Larry Love. Not only does Cali have a relationship with the producers, he’s also friends with everyone who’s featured on the project including SB Rozay, Shacar, Lorde Von, Sasha Gz, Raww Blue, Flash International, Jacq V, Crash 20/20, Watty 4RM YE and TheLilfairy.

Relationships carry weight for Cali as he opens up about his recent losses. While creating this project Cali lost 2 of his close friends, one of whom, SB Rozay, is featured on this project on the intro track, “One Night Stand.” “I want the world to take from this that I’m human and I’m going through a lot like everyone else but with that being said, it’s more the reason to keep going and making the best of everything. Not dwelling in sadness and creating something outta it. Like there’s happy moments and dark moments on this project and you’ll feel that as you go through the album,” shares Cali on what fans can expect from No Longer Available ``.

No Longer Available isn’t just the title of this project, it's also the name of Cali’s brand and represents the ideology “to be no longer available to anything that doesn’t serve me or is for my best interests,” Cali explains. Cali landed at this title after reaching his higher self. At that point Cali felt like he was “no longer here” because he felt anew. He didn’t have time to be preoccupied with anything negative and realized that “No Longer Available” was his next title. Following the release of the project, Cali will also be dropping a No Longer Available clothing line.

Cali began recording his latest project last July during Covid. For most people Corona would have posed as an obstacle, but for Cali and his friends who were all detained to the NYC area, it was an opportune time to begin working on his latest project. Corona pushed Cali to create like never before given all the free time that came with it. The project was recorded in various locations from Cloud IX, to Penthouse, to GrayNoise Studio to even a home studio when necessary. It was during this time that Cali truly discovered his sound as those around him encouraged him to push himself to arrive at his new sound. This album signifies Cali's growth  as he breaks out of his shell and comes into his own.

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