Friday, June 25, 2021

Stream: Elijah Rosario Shares New Single "Need Me"

Elijah Rosario, an R&B and Pop sensation nestled in the heart of Durham, North Carolina. Elijah's music pushes against the mundane and instead chooses to focus on what matters most: remaining true to the expression of emotion in its purest form. Crafting this sound wasn't an easy process for the last ten years, but Elijah has stayed down with his morals and is ready to give 2021 the best shot at success. "Need Me" is Elijah's latest release this Summer, a follow up to the single "Survive" as well as the 2020 released Hattie's Boy EP. Elijah is one of the best kept secrets in the South, so with today's placement it's best you get familiar now before the bandwagon continues to grow!

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