Monday, April 19, 2021

. @JWLZ3OFFICIAL is "Bossed Up" in New Single

"Bossed Up." The new single from Salt Lake City rapper JWLZ. The record is about JWLZ outgrowing his childish ways and becoming his own man. Production was handled by Tsurreal and Jkei. JWLZ brings a lifetime’s worth of hard-earned experience to his spellbinding songs. An artist with an impeccable gift for storytelling, his lyrics are filled with vivid details and unforgettable images. Above all, he conveys a message of hope, reminding his listeners that they always have the power to take control of their lives. With all his tumultuous past behind him, JWLZ is left with a vitally important story to tell. With his rare authenticity and fearless approach, he has built himself into a real contender with the potential to make a serious impact on modern music. With compelling new music scheduled for 2021 and beyond, JWLZ is poised to be a force for years to come.

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