Monday, March 15, 2021

Chicago’s @MarcusNogood Presents New Project with 'Traitors Don’t Eat'

Chicago’s Marcus Nogood presents an array of sounds and versatility when it comes to the art he creates. Never bound by one genre, Nogood looks to experiment over a variety of production and uses his voice in different ways to get his point across. After the prolific artist released his debut album “Trouble” in 2016, Nogood went on a relentless streak of dropping singles, growing his audience, and showcasing what he brings to the microphone. Here we are five years later and Marcus Nogood is here with his sophomore album, a 26 minute EP called “Traitors Don’t Eat”. 

“Traitors Don’t Eat” is a story of betrayal, triumph, and perseverance as Nogood takes us back to a time where it seemed like everyone was turning his back on him. Combine this with feeling misunderstood and our hero found himself in a dark place, with seemingly no way to get out. The lead single “Pave The Way” shows where Marcus Nogood takes a turn, pulling himself up and going after the goals he’s set for himself. There are no features on “Traitors Don’t Eat” which makes Marcus’ execution that much more impressive as you hear him sing, rap, carry catchy hooks, and provide a unique half-hour experience for the listener guaranteeing something for everyone. Nogood called upon the likes of Left Ear, Lo B, Immy& illatheillastrator to provide the soundscape for his journey, while simultaneously weaving in transitions making the album play like a Soundtrack
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