Monday, November 16, 2020

Dallas-based Singer/Songwriter @Asiakyree Releases 'Bad Guy' EP

Dallas-based singer/songwriter Asia Kyre√© releases her Bad Guy EP. It's a story of a girl at war with herself who has struggled with opinions from others about who she is. This project highlights the ups and downs of love. It's about accepting these labels that people have constantly forced on you. It's about embracing what is reality and understanding that the label given isn't always the truth.

The bad guy in this story is actually the hero. She is painted as a villain for being her true self with raw lyrics that paint a vivid picture about life and love. Bad Guy starts off dark, alternative, and heavy. As you continue to listen you’ll hear the tracks pick up in tempo and vocals become more tuned. You will hear the liberation and acceptance in Asia’s voice and then on to the soft and lighter love songs where she ends the project.

From the cover art to the tracklist everything is done with intent. The cover gracefully places the mural, Salon d’Hercule, from the Palace of Versailles in the back representing Asia Kyre√©’s new beginnings and acceptance. The tracklist features French numbers to introduce the titles. This EP captures attention before the music is even heard.
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