Thursday, February 13, 2020

Stream: @farragami Shares Two New EPs with 'Zen Rap' and 'Enlightened Trap'

We get not one, but two new projects from Farragami with the Zen Rap EP and Enlightened Rap. The Zen Rap EP is a 7 song collection produced by Naphtali Williams designed to introduce you to the world of Zen Rap. Coined by Mark Kemp, former editor of the Creative Loafing Charlotte, Zen Rap is a genre of music that already exists, but Farragami is putting a stamp on the genre with his own body of work. The Zen Rap EP is for anybody of consciousness no matter how deep you may be. Whether you just heard about crystals yesterday or you so woke you sleep.

Enlightened Trap is the complete polar opposite of Zen Rap as it focuses on trap music, a lifestyle Farragami is far from. However that never stopped the rapper from listening and rapping along. He decided to provide us with the same Vibe just with lyrics that match our Day to Day. Produced by Wus Up Slay the Enlightened Trap EP takes you to every corner of Enlightened Trap Music.

Which one is more your style?
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