Wednesday, May 2, 2018

SWFL-based @DeLatnie Releases his new single, "That's My Word"

SWFL-based hip Hop artists, Latnie releases his new single, "That's My Word." His goal is to blend storytelling ability with modern to create his well-rounded artistry and this record does the trick. The lyrics on this track give listeners a chance to ride with him firsthand as metaphors and entendres get us to the destination.

Listeners are able to hear previous music from Latnie on SoundCloud. However, he deems "That's My Word" as his first official release since he has utilized official digital distribution channels and properly affiliated with rights organizations.

'"That's My Word" is a story about a Queen in my life who helped me stay away from drugs and elevate my thinking. I was in a rough place, but it's only been improving since I refocused on my music. I wrote "That's My Word" after linking up with Darren Gooden & Jimmy Long for a session. Jimmy was working on some melodies and lead sounds. Darren heard his work and thought we could make a solid record out of it. He got to work composing drums and wrote additional instrumentation for the final song.' - Latnie
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