Thursday, December 1, 2016

New Project//: Matrix P (IamMatrixp) - Creek Water Hymn

Matrix P has released his new project titled Creek Water Hymn featuring Elevator Jay, Phay (Stndrd), and Buddy Cuz. The 7-track project is a melodic southern styled arrangement which brings a old school feel to hip hop. Matrix P has created his own genre which is called "Kuntry Hippy Rap" which is a mixture of melodic candances and southern style production. Check out the track list below and stream the project above! Available for stream + download on iTunes and Google Play

. Southern Drawl (prod. By Payton Hall) 
2. Mode$t feat. Phay
3. Sho' is Good feat. Buddy Cuz 
4. Reid High Marching Rams 
5. Lawd Ha Mercy feat. Elevator Jay 
6. Lawd Ha' Mercy Interlude (Prod. By Payton Hall)
7. Belmont Live

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