Monday, October 3, 2016

New Project//: Moses Mosima (@moses_i_suppose) - Babies EP

Philadelphia native Moses Mosima delivers his Babies EP. The 8-track debut effort finds the 20-something delivering a statement about the fragility of the base emotions we as humans share at birth: love, hurt, anger, and fear. Self-produced in its entirety, the rapper-singer reverts listeners back to what times were like when simplicity took the lead. Showcasing unrushed and pleasing vocals, he brings a timeless feel that never sounds forced, but rather blessedly and easy. Tying in themes of paranoia and lust, Babies is as an audio exploration of vulnerability and overtness--a testament to the 18 years spent staining the blank-slate to make this project. Overall the project stands as a final farewell to childhood. 

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