Friday, October 3, 2014

Jahdi Juice (@Jahdi_Juice) - LaLa [listen]

Born in Springfield, Massachusetts, later relocating to Atlanta, GA at the age of 3, Jahdi has surrounded himself around musically inclined individuals for over 10 years.  After realizing the talent and first-handedly befriending prominent music artist in the Atlanta area, he decided to take music by the horns to create his own lane and own genre. A fresh face in the music game, Jahdi has already released a handful of records touching all areas of trap and rhythmic records. Today, he brings us his record titled  'Lala'. 

"I see myself creating a movement... It's a lot of talent out here and in my generation. In the future I see me creating a change in music with this upcoming generation. Starting with my sound and appearance. Looking at me you see a versatile artist. You don't know what to expect coming from Jahdi. Which is exactly what my music exemplifies... My music and lifestyle in one."

Jahdi Juice - LaLa

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