Monday, August 4, 2014

Death Over Designer: Life Sneakers (@LifeSneakersATL) Brings Awareness to Sneaker Violence

Death over designer
 While we easily laugh over the wild stories of shopper's frenzy on Black Friday, it's harder to crack a giggle when it hits close to home. Sneaker violence has been hitting headlines more often with approximately 1,200 teens dying each year to violence over new releases. There are many key factors in why sneaker violence is more common nowadays, but the bigger question is, why are we ignoring it?

"They killin' n*ggas for J's, that's death over designer" 

Life Sneakers was established to raise awareness in an effort to decrease sneaker violence in America. They are urging this millennial generation to use its influence to expose the epidemic of sneaker violence. You can bring their mission to light by joining their Thunderclap campaign here. Will you use your influence?

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