Thursday, July 31, 2014

Street Etiquette (@StreetEtiquette) - Audio Visual 005 [stream/download]

Here's a hypothetical scenario: at the start of your shift, your boss walks up to you and tells you that you're going to be in charge of the PA system today. You can play whatever you want, however there are only two conditions: you can't play any outright rap music and there can be little to no profanity whatsoever.

Also, R&B music isn't really banned, but you have take certain precautions as not to offend the older patrons of the store. You don't really want to play oldies (or the radio, for that matter), so what can you play to give you some time to decide?

Well, the boys at Street Etiquette have you covered.

With 31 tracks selected by Joshua Kissi and mixed by Donnie Gumbs, their latest mix, "Audio Visual 005" clocks in at almost an hour and a half--ample time to plan out your next step. Moreover, the mix features a diverse range of genres from house music to remixes of deep Brandy cuts and chillwave R&B, proving that, with Street Etiquette, style isn't just about fashion.

Check the track-listing below.

Chris Turner - Outta My Mind (ft. Jesse Boykins III)
S0ul Unreal - Upperechelon.Versaceheavn
Gordon Voidwell - First Time
Sunni Colon - Temple (ESTA Remix)
Iman Omari - Trippin
Justin Beiber - All That Matters (AreyouRU Edit)
Charly & Margaux - All The Parties, Suite No. 1, Allegro In C Minor
MssingNo - Brandy
Rikin8r - Ripperton
Lakim - White Gold
Goldlink - Bedtime Story
Saux - Fortunate (Ft. Timantti)
Lars Porter - Day 4
Etheogenesis - Ride
Snacs - Blueberry Part 1
Ciara Hill - No Use (TekLun Remix)
Siriusmo - Congratulator
SCNTST - Summer Jam
Kojack - Sabado Get Down
Tizrah - I’m Not Dancing
Mar - Man X Woman
Bummse - No. 5
Partynextdoor - West District
Drake - Days In The East
Marcos Valle - Nao Tem Nada Nao (Jael Remix)
Whoarei - uglyprettyboymuse
ACME - Girlfriend Tonight
The Code - Her
Gordon Voidwell - Amnesia
How To Dress Well - Words I Don’t Remember
Jimi Nxir - To Know
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