Thursday, June 26, 2014

Toya Wright & Memphitz Attend “#TeenprenuerDay” w/ Pink Lemonade Stand via @WhyCauseICan

On Saturday, June 21st, the ladies of the Pink Lemonade Stand Foundation co-hosted the 1st annual#TeenprenuerDay with the Judge Not Foundation in Downtown Atlanta. For the event, special guest speakers such as Reginae Carter (Lil Wayne & Toya Wright‘s daughter) Jadarius Jenkins (Young Jeezy‘s son) and Flau’jae (Camoflauge‘s daughter) spoke about their trails and tribulations with becoming teen entrepreneurs, what they’ve learned and how believing in yourself is a #1 factor in your motivation. 

Currently, each of them are building up their names as leaders of the new generation: Reginae has started a new clothing line named Shut Up Clothing and has published a book entitled Paparazzi Princess; Jadarius has a new clothing line named International Flights and Flau’jae follows in her father’s footsteps as she continues to grow within the music industry.

This was truly an inspirational event to attend and lead me to believe that no one should have any excuse to not pursue a passion you love. Entrepreneurs ranging in age from 12 to 17 had started up their own companies and were truly handling BUSINESS. Products created and being sold by these Teen Entrepreneurs ranged from their own clothing lines, handmade bow-ties, produced music, lip gloss, soaps and body scrubs. These were some of the most creative and driven individuals I have seen in a while and I’m pretty sure will be seeing doing big things in the future.

In support of #TeenprenuerDay, Toya Wright from the show “Tiny and Toya” and her husband, music executiveMempHitz, Grammy nominated engineer D’vante Black and new boy group D2K and more came to socialize with the up and coming moguls and show support to the rising generation of leaders.
More about the Pink Lemonade Stand:
Pink Lemonade Stand Foundation, founded by Nicole Garner of The Garner Brand, is a non-profit organization whose mission is o foster entrepreneurism in young girls ages 8 through 17. Through our four pillars, the Pink Lemonade Stand Foundation will encourage and guide the next generation of female entrepreneurs: to build a legacy; launch ideas from the heart; make passion their master; and allow possibility to feed their soul.

For more information check out their website: or email

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