Thursday, June 19, 2014

Benjamin iii (@Benji3eyes) - Space Funk [listen]

If there's anyone that understands the plight of living in the midst of a mad city (so to speak), it's the Knoxville, TN emcee Benjamin iii. I'll let him explain:

DazeeAge is a snippet into a time in my life where I became lost in my head in the midst of chaos brewing in my city... In DazeeAge I used the idea of Sfumato, which means - no harsh lines, or the area where colors blend. That idea derived from Da Vinci's mental ability to hold two paradoxical ideas in his mind without difficulty (Sfumato thinking). Sfumato thinking opens up new dimensions for problem solving, inspiration seeking, and ambiguity.
And with that said, here's "Space Funk," a relaxed cut (that he killed, mind you) off of DazeeAge. Listen and take a load off.
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