Friday, May 23, 2014

Dope Fashion: Steez Fiendz (@SteezFiendz) S/S '14 "10SUMMERS"

Steez Fiendz.. These guys are on it. Accurately planned and executed, Ray and Erik present to you their Spring Collection of Steez Fiendz, entitled “10SUMMERS”. The concept behind 10SUMMERS orbits around “X”, the Roman numeral for ten, which they have incorporated into their specialty logo,

“We call it OGX”.

This collection headlines headwear. Showcasing four new hat designs, including the popular, Triple Threat Snapback, that features a simple design and three embroidered stars. Steez Fiendz has also brought us hats that are embellished with the OGX logo. Which are deeming to be my favorite pieces from this collection thus far.

The men of Steez Fiendz the University have been giving us high quality merchandise that can quite easily become a staple in your wardrobe. In their last collection, their showcase luxury piece was their Negro Baseball League Jersey, made from the Majestic material that MLB professionals sport on the diamond. Keeping that sports themed influence, Steez Fiendz the University now presents us with a two-part mini collection, apart of 10SUMMERS. This collection pays homage to the FIFA World Cup 2014, being held in Brazil this year, with a customized Steez Fiendz jersey available in two colors, red and blue. This customized Nike jersey, is done the Steez Fiendz way, representing the acronym for Steez Fiendz the University (STF.U) on the front as well as the original and OGX logos in patch form to compliment the design. On the back of this jersey the guys decided to pay homage to themselves with the number 12 representing the year Steez Fiendz the University was founded (2012). We look forward to seeing these guys grow as a brand as they continue to present us with great designs.
You can check out this new collection and find out more about Steez Fiendz the University on their website and check them out in Kennesaw’s Town Center Mall.  


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