Thursday, February 6, 2014

Jsar x Can't Please Everybody [listen]

J'sar (with permission from !llmind) lifts a track from !llmind beats for Kanye West EP to respond to all the voices in his ear. J'sar cryptically calls out everyone from the machine to the mirror with "Can't Please Everybody". llmind, a Grammy Award winning producer, produced "The Morning" off of Kayne West's presents G.O.O.D. Music Cruel Summer LP.  !.B.F.K.W. consists of a collection of tracks produced during that time with Kanye in mind with co-production from Symbolyc One (Produced Kanye West’s “Power”, “Murder 2 Excellence” on Watch The Throne & part of Kanye’s “Very G.O.O.D. Beats” entity), Dr. Know Jr., M31RK, Hippie Sabotage, Kailiin Yong &The Frontrunnerz. 

    Take a listen below and tell me what you think: 
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