Monday, September 1, 2014

Dope Fashion: Steez the Fiendz University

Recently, Broke2Dope met up with the designers of the street wear clothing company Steez the Fiendz University, E and Ray for an fashion interview about their brand that turned into a HenneSteez tattoo session filled with conversation clouds and laughter about life, work and fashion.

"young. independent. free spirited."

Steez Fiendz the University is a good mix between luxury and street wear with clear and direct athletic influence, given the baseball jerseys and shirts including the colored sleeves. The Steez Fiend Negro Baseball League jersey is the brand’s highlighting piece, made from the same Majestic material used to make MLB jerseys paired with premium leather sleeves and the Steez Fiend name combine beautifully to make this piece. The creators of the company met each other through playing baseball and that directly translates into their clothing. Wiz Khalifa and Atlanta based rapper, Tuki Carter have been seen wearing Steez Fiendz which ties into their Hip-Hop influence. Athletes Jason Heyward and Jerryd Bayless have been seen in Steez Fiendz also.

“A lifestyle represented by the idealism of an imaginary University where anyone of any age can go and be themselves. We encourage everyone to study and even indulge in whatever it is that they truly positively fiend. (i.e Fashion, Sports, Culture, Photography, Nature, Electronics)” 
-Steez Fiendz

Steez Fiendz are a t-shirt brand but they have created a different spin to put their clothing that we haven’t seen often which is the athletic wear. With the recent wave of athletic gear turned luxury (i.e leather jogging pants) this beginning line has a lot of potential to grow as far as designs go. There are a lot if t-shirt brands floating around and we will see if Steez the Fiendz University will continue to bring us challenging designs that embody the creativity and style that we and other people are looking for in an upcoming brand. We look forward to seeing their Spring Collection featuring similar yet revamped designs sometime in April. Be sure to visit their website for the latest designs and collections. You can also find their clothes at Epic Streetwear in Town Center Mall, Kennesaw, Ga.


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